“Even When I Was Gone”

My name was Snip Nua, I was a Greyhound, I was breed for one purpose and one purpose only, to run. To run in races, for humans, for their sport, pleasure and greed, I was just a commodity. I was not unhappy with my lot, it was all I had ever known, the kennels, the relentless training, the trap, the roar of the crowds and the race.

Now by chance, I was chosen by three men to take part in some game they had. I was suppose to show people what a great life I had being a race dog. They had the thing that takes moving pictures, they took pictures of everything I did. I was afraid, it was all new, I didn’t know these people, they didn’t care, I was there to run.

So I did, I ran in the races they put me in and then it happened I fell. I heard the snap, before i hit the ground, before the pain hit. I lay there in the dirt in agony waiting, I knew what was coming, as I had seen it all before. I was 18 months old and going to die, lying on a dirt track because, three men wanted to take part in a game and catch it on moving pictures. Rough hands checked me over, I heard a click………

I gained my wings that day, the 14th of December, the three men were not there with me to give me comfort. I felt used and I was right, I saw they used the moving pictures of me, even thou, I had my wings. They did not tell anyone I had flown, they did however, tell people, or make people think that the race, is a great thing. “Ah, great craic, great night out”. It may be for a person, but what about for us Grey’s.

My name was Snip Nua, I was a Greyhound, it wasn’t enough, for them to use me when I was alive. They left me with no dignity, they had to use me, “Even When I Was Gone”.

R.I.P Snip Nua x o



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